We are Direct People.
We innovate for better future.

We unleash potential.
We turn ideas into reality.
We deliver results.

These days to innovate means to survive

One branch of the economy after another is experiencing earthquakes. The question remains – how to innovate? Innovation is a process, a unique craft and a lot of hard work. It’s not a question of luck or a mere idea. If you want to begin, then let’s get to work.

Our story in a nutshell.

We love The Work.

8 Years

... on the market... we are proud to have the longest tradition.

30k+ Ideas

... during storms of brains... some strong, some groundbreaking, some fast, some just funny.

500+ Prototypes

... of products & services... each of which we fully believe in.

300+ Innovations

...some bold, some incremental... each one generating extra business for our clients.

152 Companies

... we've helped to grow so far... just ask them and you’ll be given great references!

37 New products

... and services brought to the market... who can beat that?

Our clients.

Our friends.

We’ll help you.

Leaving you to sit back, dream and plan.

Find new opportunities

Discover new opportunities

Revealing hidden opportunities unleashes new potential for your business. Let your imagination run wild!

Design attractive solutions

Design attractive solutions

We prototype and test to ensure everything is bullet-proof before market launch.

Develop and scale new business

Develop and scale new business

Boost your profits.

Consult us or let us build your business.

Here are the types of projects we manage for you:

Innovation strategy

Innovation strategy & research

  • Discovering future growth potentials and developing innovation strategy
  • Innovation portfolio management
  • Qualitative surveys
  • Quantitative surveys
  • "Jobs To Be Done"(JTBD) surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Analysis
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Personas
  • Studies
Design, prototyping

Design, prototyping & testing

  • Product and Service design, Client experience
  • Web Design
  • Design and UX of mobile, web, corporate applications
  • Design of physical sales points, sales materials and commercial communication


  • End-to-end delivery from MVP to final product
  • Business model management
  • Project management
  • Delivery
  • UX design prototyping
  • IT delivery
  • Testing
  • Quality assurance


  • Scaling through sales, marketing and product development
  • Product portfolio management
  • Marketing campaign execution
  • Budget & results management

Methodologies & frameworks.

Join Us!

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